A proven and trusted way of getting fit, losing weight and feeling great...



Regular weekly classes

Group fitness levels

Armed forces trained personnel

Great motivation

Access to Nutritional Advice

Train as a team

Great encouragement



The classes are for everyone no matter what level of fitness you are at. We divide our classes into 4 groups - red for beginners, orange for intermediates, green for advanced and we have a black bib for those of you who want a real challenge.

Our instructors will give you the best encouragement and with their depth of knowledge you will get an effective workout every time.

As the classes are outdoors the instructor will use the park terrain to give you something different every time you take a class. In the fresh air you will feel better about your work out and look forward to the next one.

So if you want to get fit, lose weight and feel great then click here to start your free trial.

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